About me

Through the grace of God and Guru the mystical world of yoga opened up to me in my early twenties. I was fortunate to live many years in an Ashram in the company of three highly advanced Souls, learning from them, advancing slowly and dedicating my life to my spiritual path. My intuitive abilities were activated and amplified in their presence and I am for ever grateful to them for this most precious gift. Since then every day of my life has been a new mystical opening, filled with wondrous insight and deep learning.

My journey has brought me to practice and share yoga, energy healing and hypnosis. I love yoga, music, traveling and spending time with like minded people. Together with my lovely wife we organize yearly yoga retreats all over the world.

I own a hypnosis center in Freiburg, Germany and teach at a yoga school close by. My passion lies in helping people to overcome their obstacles to find happiness and fulfillment. My special talent is intuiting journeys for nourishment and self exploration that take you to deep psychic spaces within.

I like to think that God comes to us in all different forms, if we have the eyes to see. So I try to remember this, maintaining an open mind and staying eager to learn.


  • EMDR Therapist
    Thermedius Institute Germany
  • Hypnotherapist
    Thermedius Institute Germany
  • Past Life Regression: QHHT Practitioner
    Doloris Cannon
  • Hypnotist & NLP
    Hypnosis Motivational Institute USA
  • Yoga Acharya
    Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram USA
  • Reiki Master
    Usui Reiki Tradition